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Moving Media LLC has been serving clients nationally since 1998. A small boutique agency we consider ourselves entrepreneurs and pioneers in the Mobile Billboards industry. We specialize in Ground Transportation Mobile Billboards, Mobile Billboard Tourism Ads, Mobile Billboard Event Advertising, Signage and Large Format Graphics. High Impact "On The Spot" Advertising in the form of Flat Panel LED Display Mobile Billboard Trucks, Bus Ads, Vehicle Wrap Graphics Ads, Truck Graphics Ads, Van Wrap Ads, Vinyl Graphics, are some of the services we provide our customers.

If you are you looking for a means to expand your target market and increase your bottom line profit, Moving Media Advertising is an innovative platform designed to advertise your business by Transportation Mobile Billboards. We also offer 3D graphics packages for commercial bus, truck and van advertising in and around NYC / Manhattan giving your business maximum exposure; creating a stand out brand. We are devoted to high standards of client care and will exceed your expectations of billboard advertising and with great exposure to you target market.

M.A.S. Opportunities

  • Marketing

    Moving Media not only brain-storms marketing strategies, we delivers results. Internet Marketing is our specialty whether it's a Website Programming, Design, SEO, SEM campaign or a traditional marketing project Moving Media has you covered.

  • Advertising

    Moving Media is a traditional media company offering marketing concepts through campaign completion, Graphic Design, Large Format Printing and Graphic Installation. We specialize in Out Of Home, Moving Billboards, Image and Brand Advertising.

  • Sales

    Moving Media is your one stop resource for sales support. We design campaigns around your needs and will customize those resources to fit your business.

Internet Business Developers

Moving Media excels at taking a brick and mortar businesses and transitioning it onto the Internet. Today it's all about market positioning. The majority of US consumers want convenient shopping and ease of use while they make purchases, so it's all about getting in front of them swiftly and cost effectively. Moving Media has a knack for setting up business on the Internet so they can generate income and compete nationally.

  • Local Marketing, Advertising & Sales
  • Regional Marketing, Advertising & Sales
  • National Marketing, Advertising & Sales
  • International Marketing, Advertising & Sales
Moving Media provides the best advertising solutions money can buy. Our LED Display Moving Billboards create high impact and awareness while advertising to your prospects and future customers. We bring your ads directly to the people, whether it's an event, tradeshow, flee market, sporting event, Boardwalks at the Jersey Shore or whatever your imagination can conjure up.
Moving Media is up on the latest state of the art technology when it comes to Moving Billboards. We have GPS tracking on all ads and can program our LED Display Ads remotely.
Moving Media follows market trends which keeps us on the forefront of your industry and you business. We provide custom moving billboard campaigns to fit your needs. If you are running a political campaign we could be a great asset to your campaign
Moving Media provides your business with the ability to advertise where there aren't any signs or billboards. Since we have custom built LED Displays we can run your ads or slide presentations day or night. Outdoor event advertising and marketing is where we excel the most.
Moving Media gives you the ability to communicate with us, your prospects and customers on multi levels. Would you like to know how? Call Us: 877-516-4100.
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